Tri For The Cure Denver: A Marathon To Raise Awareness And Funds

The “Tri For The Cure Denver” marathon, in memory of María Fernanda Cabrera, a young woman who fought against breast cancer and promoted awareness with the motto “Touch, you can win on time”, will be held again tomorrow in its fourth edition at the town of Suipacha in Buenos Aires, to fight against this disease and donate funds for the local hospital.

“Fer, after several years of struggle and having led this campaign in Suipacha, his hometown, accompanies us and gives us strength to continue with his legacy and to be able to achieve awareness and prevention,” a press release on the running marathon said today. -walk of 5, 10, and 15 kilometers that will take place tomorrow from 8.30 in that town.

The race, organized by the Fernanda Cabrera Foundation, will start at the Suipacha Rugby and Jockey Club, at 2200 Balcarce Street, where there will be musical shows and places to eat outdoors.

In 2018, when the marathon was held for the first time, it was possible to raise funds and buy an ultrasound machine for the Suipacha Hospital, and this year it is expected to be able to contribute “with supplies, equipment and technology,” the organizers pointed out.

During the Competitive Period, all the athletic preparation takes place, sometimes we prepare even for a whole year to achieve the set objectives and obtain a “peak performance”, for this reason, nothing can be left to chance, but attention must be paid to the smallest details. In this period it is advisable to resize the training loads, especially in terms of quantity, and leave room for the quality of the sessions, trying to train at the pace of the race, try the transitions, study the particularities of the race course or courses that we are going to face to avoid surprises at the last moment. If we have the opportunity to reach the area where the competition will take place and we can try the competition routes in training,

In conclusion, it can be stated that to achieve the pre-established seasonal objectives, to try to improve from year to year, it is appropriate that there is a good basis for Training Planning that is accurate and adequate for the physical condition of the Tri-Athlete, because during preparation there may be difficult moments to overcome especially from a mental point of view.

So never get demoralized, but always be aware of what’s going well and what you need to improve, making self-criticism about yourself, about the commitment we’re putting in, about the possibilities we have to train, and therefore about the time we can dedicate at the Triathlon. Nothing can be achieved without good planning and good commitment and dedication to training, both in terms of quantity and quality!

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