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A Marathon For Women By the Women To Fight Breast Cancer. We Salute You.
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At the 2022 New York Marathon, Running To “Prove We’re Alive”

The crowd that carries you along the avenues of the Big Apple, the roar of supporters that rises from the depth of concrete and glass canyons… All this, Malika Kacel can already imagine. “I’m going to take the emotion in the head, that’s for sure; I wouldn’t be surprised if I cried, ” she confides from her city of Bordeaux, a few hours from taking the plane to fly to New York and her marathon. The 39-year-old nurse will have more than one reason to be moved. 

In 2016, she was 35 when she discovered a lump in her right breast. A few days later, blood tests confirm cancer … at the same time as she learns of her third pregnancy. She decides to wait for delivery before starting treatment. She will undergo a double mastectomy. But will also discover a cause, and friends forever. Because with her surgeon, AmélieGesson-Paute, she embarked on a raid in Lapland in 2018 organized by the association Défid’Elles, for the benefit of Keep a Breast, a foundation that works for the prevention of breast cancer.

It is with the same group that she arrives this year in New York. They are 19 women – and one man – who will run under the colors of Défid’Elles. Malika Kacel is the only cancer survivor of the lot, but the others are all concerned and activists for the cause, such as former swimming champion Laure Manaudou. Or the journalist Valérie Trierweiler. She swears that long-distance running isn’t her thing. “ They more or less forced me… I had to be a companion, there was one bib left, I ended up saying yes,” she says.

The former First Lady has been with the group since 2018. She had covered the Lapland raid, then, already the New York marathon for Paris Match. At the time, 5 Défid’Elles runners had done the race in a very special way: they had taken with them 42 photos of breast cancer patients. At each kilometer, they brandished and presented to the public one of the photos. “ I found myself trained then, to do the women’s raids of Defid’Elles first, then this marathon now. I didn’t really train for a marathon; I’ve never run a semi, but all together we experience such strong emotions, it makes you surpass yourself (…). And then the objective is only to go to the end, I believe in it! “.

Tri For The Cure Denver: A Marathon To Raise Awareness And Funds

The “Tri For The Cure Denver” marathon, in memory of María Fernanda Cabrera, a young woman who fought against breast cancer and promoted awareness with the motto “Touch, you can win on time”, will be held again tomorrow in its fourth edition at the town of Suipacha in Buenos Aires, to fight against this disease and donate funds for the local hospital.

“Fer, after several years of struggle and having led this campaign in Suipacha, his hometown, accompanies us and gives us strength to continue with his legacy and to be able to achieve awareness and prevention,” a press release on the running marathon said today. -walk of 5, 10, and 15 kilometers that will take place tomorrow from 8.30 in that town.

The race, organized by the Fernanda Cabrera Foundation, will start at the Suipacha Rugby and Jockey Club, at 2200 Balcarce Street, where there will be musical shows and places to eat outdoors.

In 2018, when the marathon was held for the first time, it was possible to raise funds and buy an ultrasound machine for the Suipacha Hospital, and this year it is expected to be able to contribute “with supplies, equipment and technology,” the organizers pointed out.

During the Competitive Period, all the athletic preparation takes place, sometimes we prepare even for a whole year to achieve the set objectives and obtain a “peak performance”, for this reason, nothing can be left to chance, but attention must be paid to the smallest details. In this period it is advisable to resize the training loads, especially in terms of quantity, and leave room for the quality of the sessions, trying to train at the pace of the race, try the transitions, study the particularities of the race course or courses that we are going to face to avoid surprises at the last moment. If we have the opportunity to reach the area where the competition will take place and we can try the competition routes in training,

In conclusion, it can be stated that to achieve the pre-established seasonal objectives, to try to improve from year to year, it is appropriate that there is a good basis for Training Planning that is accurate and adequate for the physical condition of the Tri-Athlete, because during preparation there may be difficult moments to overcome especially from a mental point of view.

So never get demoralized, but always be aware of what’s going well and what you need to improve, making self-criticism about yourself, about the commitment we’re putting in, about the possibilities we have to train, and therefore about the time we can dedicate at the Triathlon. Nothing can be achieved without good planning and good commitment and dedication to training, both in terms of quantity and quality!…

How To Spread The Word Against Cancer

Word against cancer will spread in Valencia on November 19. Eight Madrid health workers fight this disease with and without a gown. In hospitals and also on the streets of five Spanish cities.

There is a lack because health takes them to pediatrics and then they go directly to adults and we realized that there was a void, they are complex ages and we want to give it normality. We chose Valencia because of the pull it has ». His challenge is not only about completing the 42,195 meters of the route.

In the Specific Period, we try to improve the specific qualities that will allow us to achieve our goals in the scheduled competitive period. Then we implement the specific technical drills for the race we are preparing (Sprint or Olympic, or IronMan ), quality training at race intensity to build awareness of the race pace, as well as management training adequate in terms of quantity (mileage ) to approach as much as possible to the race condition.

In this period, it is essential to program combined workouts that take all possible combinations as a reference (Swimming/Cycling, Swimming/Run, Cycling/Run), trying week by week to increase the load (number of kilometers to go) and the intensities, getting closer gradually to the “race-specific rhythms“! Everything must be planned with adequate accuracy bearing in mind that if something does not go right if we do not achieve certain objectives in this period, it is advisable to have a “plan B” trying to modify the preparation along the way and give the opportunity the athlete to improve his physical condition and still arrive prepared for the scheduled event/s.

After training at specific paces, having competed on shorter distances, you start planning the competitive period! In this period it is also advisable to include races/tests on shorter distances to evaluate the physical condition reached, and to be able to make the necessary modifications to the preparation on the base. After training at specific paces, having competed on shorter distances, you start planning the competitive period!…

Last days of the Pink Month, With Another Successful Marathon To Raise Awareness About Breast Cancer

Yesterday the Pink Marathon was held, organized by the Physical Education Center No. 22 of Paso de Los Libres, within the framework of awareness month on breast cancer prevention, with a wide call that brought together women and men of different ages, and to which the Police Station for Women and Minors, recently inaugurated, also accompanied.

The proposal consisted of a walk and a gymnastics marathon, under the slogan “Early detection makes a difference”, which was suspended last Saturday due to inclement weather and was able to take place yesterday.

According to WHO statistics, 85 percent of tumors can be detected employing an annual mammogram, and between 90 and 95 percent of cases have a good prognosis with early diagnosis, therefore, it is insisted that “early detection makes a difference”.

The concentration for the walk was in the CEF 22 building and the tour included Belgrano, Madariaga, Los 108, Colón, and again Belgrano streets, ending at the starting point. Next, the teachers of the center offered an aero box, functional, aerobic, and salsa marathon.

This initiative is added to the different activities that were developed in the province, in adherence to the awareness campaign of a disease that with its early and timely diagnosis can be defeated. The accompaniment and participation of the whole society also make a difference.…

How Running Can Reduce Cancer Metastasis

Science has shown with various pieces of evidence that physical exercise is one of the best ways to prevent certain types of cancer. In addition, a healthy lifestyle associated with activity also helps to cope with some treatments for the disease. Now, research has revealed that it can also slow down metastasis.

According to a study from Tel Aviv University (Israel) published in the scientific journal Cancer Research, running can reduce cancer metastasis by up to 72%. This is supported by the data collected during 20 years of the life of 3,000 adults and tests on rodents carried out by a team of experts led by Professor Carmit Levy, from the Faculty of Medicine of the Hebrew University.

The reason why intense physical activity is effective in slowing the spread of cancer is due to the consumption of sugar from the internal organs for energy during the activity. When running regularly, a physical adaptation occurs to extract power while exercising. In turn, this means that sugars are squeezed out and these sources that tumors need to spread and replicate in the body are reduced.

The location is key, since the lymph nodes, lungs, and liver are the areas of the body where metastases usually develop. It is precisely in these organs that scientists have detected an increase in glucose receptors during intense aerobic exercise, making it difficult for cancer cells to access the sources with which they could spread.

Competition for energy sources, fundamental

“We hypothesize that this occurs because the organs must compete for sugar resources with the muscles , which are known to burn large amounts of glucose during exercise. Consequently, if cancer develops, the fierce competition for glucose reduces the availability of energy that is critical for metastasis ,” said Professor Carmit Levy. When tumors metastasize, the organs have already processed the sugars and cannot take advantage of them.

According to the author of the study, the physical adaptation to running “has turned these organs into effective energy-consuming machines, much like muscles.” “What’s more, when a person exercises regularly, this condition becomes permanent: the tissues of the internal organs change and become similar to muscle tissue, ” explained the researcher at the Department of Human Genetics and Biochemistry of the University of Tel Aviv University.

For experts, there is another great news. ” We have found that exercise changes the whole body , so the cancer can’t spread and the tumor also shrinks ,” said Dr. Carmit Levy.

Running vigorously has a protective effect against metastasis

In principle, the exercise is effective among runners. ” We have not verified other types of physical activities . Running has a protective effect because the internal tissues become supermetabolic,” explained Dr. Levit in The Jerusalem Post.

In addition, they have observed that the benefits are produced in high-intensity training. That is, keeping the body moving for at least 30 minutes is required at a minimum of 75% of heart capacity or in sprint series with short walking breaks to recover the air from the effort. This is because burning sugar requires more exercise than burning fat.

The discovery can be especially applied to prevention. Dr. YftachGepner, co – author of the research and member of the Sylvan Adams Sports Institute is committed to incorporating intense physical exercise routines, especially among those with an individual or family history of several types of specific cancers. “It must be emphasized that physical exercise , with its unique metabolic and physiological effects, exhibits a higher level of cancer prevention than any drug or medical intervention to date ,” he warned.…

What Is A Triathlon And Why Is It Being Offered More And More Often To Children Too

When it comes to triathlons, thoughts often go to the Ironman, one of the toughest and most tiring competitions that exist. You have to try your hand in sequence with almost four kilometers of swimming, 180 km of cycling and, to top it off, a marathon (about 42 km). In reality, however, this multisport can be modulated in various formulas with different distances, so much so that today it is increasingly being offered to children as well. Moreover, in the Covid-19 era, the triathlon offers the significant advantage of being practiced mainly outdoors.

The triathlon is a challenge with oneself, but also fun and harmony with nature – explains Gianfranco Beltrami, a specialist in sports medicine and national vice president of the Italian sports medical federation -. On a physical level, it offers the benefits of the three disciplines that make it up, namely swimming, cycling, and running, and, more generally, aerobic activities. Therefore it improves cardiovascular efficiency and that of the respiratory system, promotes harmonious development of the body, tones almost all muscle groups, improves mood, and slows down mental decay.

It’s not a sport for everyone. It is best suited to healthy young people because it requires a large cardiovascular, respiratory and musculoskeletal commitment. Not only that: the motivational and mental aspect is also important: you need to be able to manage fatigue and fully believe in what you do. Before trying your hand, a careful medical-sports check is essential, and then start gradually, increasing distances and commitment over time.

Children, who start around the age of 6-7, generally train 1-2 times a week and practice at least two disciplines together. Around the age of 14, training becomes 4-5 a week to reach 7-8 as adults. In these cases, careful planning and precisely knowing how to manage the time available is essential. Often you also do two workouts a day, for example, you run in the morning and cycle in the afternoon.

It is not uncommon to have problems in competition or training. Injuries are more common in long-distance triathletes and occur primarily in running and cycling. Among the most typical overload pathologies are plantar fasciitis, sciatica, and knee and sometimes shoulder problems.

To reduce the risk of getting hurt, you must first of all train correctly, with balanced, well-dosed, and personalized loads. It is also important to train strength and give due importance to rest and recovery. Stretching is always fundamental.

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